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By Margaret Gomez 05/10/18 – 12:26 In: Gr. CA ICEM stance in April 2018, ICEM had contributed addressed to the “Interministerial Delegation for the prevention and the fight against child poverty and youth “, especially on children, youth, school and education. On September 13, the government announced a series of measures that cover five major areas: infancy, childhood, youth, employment support and welfare benefits.

Here are some comments in response to this issue: If some points seem to announce a slight improvement in the balance sheet is largely insufficient. Regarding childhood and school: the infancy, the creche places: – Creation of 30,000 childcare places and 1000 assistant relay · e · s · s mother – In the neighborhoods, grant up to 90% for the opening of cribs. Now we know the creche places do not apply to poor areas that do not have child care problems.

The government is irrelevant! School: – free distribution of breakfasts, – social tariffs for the canteen. We know that implementation, supervising personnel training are essential for a successful implementation. Breakfasts distributed by that? Financed by whom?

What about those who do not go to the canteen? For meals provided in the canteen, social tariffs vary widely depending on the municipalities and accumulation of poverty: in Seine Saint-Denis (93), poverty is considerable and town halls are not rich, then who will pay for meals quality made in good conditions (local canteen staff at meals, recruitment and training of municipal staff)? What about those who can not stay in the canteen because both parents do not work?

What about those who do not go to school? Youth: – In 2020, creation promise of 300 new social centers; – The obligation to train up to 18 years. The authorities will be required to “offer support” to any minor homework service
· e · e in stall situation: Local Missions will “propose an appointment” and “solution”; – development of the youth guarantee. It will be given to a larger number: personalized support by local missions and an allowance of 480 euros per month.

But who can live with 480 euros a month? … But no measures announced concerning health within the school. While there is more regular medical visits to schools, no screening by the school doctor who is no longer involved now in an emergency on individual cases.

While CMP care equipment (guidance centers), CMPP, CAMSP are too few. And it is often in cities that are most in need that has the least health facilities. … But no measures announced regarding the social mix in schools, colleges, high schools. While we know the importance of social segregation and school it engenders, called a “time bomb” in the 2015 report CNESCO …

But no measures of educational support for young miner announced · e · s not eligible for ESA, namely tou · te · s young migrant · e · s · e · minor · e · s isolated s. Indeed, as the minority is not recognized by the Court, there is no possibility of taking into account ESA (social assistance to children to benefit from social monitoring with an accompaniment education, an education or training … available). Especially since these representations of Justice are long and sometimes humiliating, as the practice of bone tests to validate age or younger. …

But no specific action to support poor families with an e · child with disabilities to allow tou · te · s beneficial inclusion. … But no measures taking into account the educational and teaching resources that represent pedagogical movements of popular education, to create an education system that is not exclusively focused on sorting and selection of best · e · s. While we know the many experiences of cooperative teaching methods practiced in the neighborhoods and have proven themselves in terms of inclusive education and success in learning (EESC report 2015).

In other words, the school sphere of public Education receives no position either to the health level (school doctor, free medical visits …) or the educational level. It’s like the last ministerial injunctions could be enough alone to stem the injustice of the social and educational segregation, no means given in terms of health, personnel, training in the free public school open tou · te · s without exception, and training and support for a tou · te · s troubled youth.

If tou · te · s children, in kindergarten and throughout their schooling, were placed · e · s situation to express themselves and to succeed, the problem of early school leaving would not arise. It treats the symptom and not the disease! It is clear that, on the contrary, departmental guidelines on re-entry in 2018 simply develop an education system based on mechanistic learning. Eradicating Poverty … who would not want that?

But is this isolation possible? And on second thought, that would it not rather eradicate? Poverty is system and a dizzying increase in wealth of a handful of immensely wealthy is increasing steadily growing poor, precarious and excluded · e · s becoming more and more numerous and poorer. “Capitalism is a failure,” does not hesitate to declare the Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

So rather than try to eradicate the effect (poverty) would it not be better to eliminate the cause? Attachment Size contribution_icem_pedagogie_freinet _-_ avril_2018 103.09 KB reponse_icem_au_plan_pauvrete _-_ septembre_2018_ 33.43 KB Add new comment

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