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Map it out. The night before you go garage sale shopping, check Craigslist and the classified ads of your local newspaper and penny shoppers. Make a list of the addresses of the sales you want to go to and note the items available at each sale. Go to Google Maps or your favorite map site and print out the directions to the sale in the order you want to attend them. This will cut down on fuel costs and save time. If you have a GPS device in your car, program the addresses in the night before. Smartphones such as iPhones or Blackberry usually have access to GPS or Google Maps as well if you find yourself getting lost.

Have you thought about newspapers and magazines as a resource? A lot of information on trends and styles are published daily and monthly and can give an enormous amount of ideas. Man yourself with a pen and some paper and look through these publications and write down ideas while you pass through the pages. We shouldn’t ignore the internet because there are many classified online pages that can be researched to see what is being sold.

Start with the headline. The headline is the most important part of the ad because it’s what gets readers to read the rest of the ad and take action. Rewrite it. Make sure you have chosen the right benefit to your product.

Use Brochures, Biz Cards, Gift Certificate and Coupon Displays with your signage. At the very least, a non-buying prospect can leave with something, if not a Gift Certificate. This creates great viral based, inexpensive advertising.

If you do decide to use some type of resale rights product, make sure that your offering is unique. You can do this by adding additional gifts to the offer, or you can even write some type of report to add to the package. Just make sure you’re not giving away the same thing someone else is. Otherwise you won’t get very many new subscribers.

Assuming that, you are searching for jiji.com.gh in Japan, India, England etc. before giving your notice on the site, you have to know that which site you should use. There are numerous online portals in the market and you need to select the finest one.

Whether this is helping out with kids, working in a local charity shop or joining a local campaigning organisation such as Amnesty International or Greenpeace, volunteering can make you feel better about yourself as well as finding new friends. You can usually take on as much or as little responsibility as you like, from shaking a charity tin in the street to organising a big event.

You can use online communities and forums to generate traffic to your site. Forums that have relevancy to your service or product are ideal places to advertise. But do take note that you should not let the users in the forums see you as just making use of the forum to leave a link to your site. You should spend some time contributing to the forums by actively participating in discussions and offering help with topics you are knowledgeable in.

Online Classified! Online classified are the greatest resources for Golden Nuggets. Everyday people are literally giving stuff away are bottom of the barrel prices. The best part about online classified is that the sellers are willing to negotiate on the price. So you NEVER want to pay the listed price, always bargain down. This is the best way to start a solid flipping business. Many people utilize this method putting in and extra $500-$1000 in their pocket weekly.


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