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This is a class for students with IELTS 6.0+ (Equivalent to CEFR B2) with a class output target of 7.0+ So to make sure this is the right course for you, students member please click tab "educational program" - And perform the entrance test according to the teacher's instructions

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  • Guaranteed output 7.0+

Why study Expert IELTS?

Expert IELTS is compiled and published by Pearson, an educational organization from the UK with a long tradition that is best known to everyone through the famous Longman dictionary. With experience in language teaching and training and the owner of the hit academic PTE exam, Pearson has once again proven its position when it comes to its suite of products. Expert IELTS. With 3 levels (5,6,7.5) and each level is 10 subject modules Academic Languages, with its in-depth, and expert nature, the resources used in the Expert book are not onlyIt is rich and diverse, but it is also scientifically designed with purpose.  With 4 skills and 2 parts of language and vocabulary development it seems that is all for a module. But no, in each module, nxb also reinforces 6 Units of part B to do extensive practice. or enhanced. This makes Expert IETLS is an in-depth IELTS book series for those who are determined to conquer the top 7.5+  

Workflow of the course

step 1

Online entrance exam

The implementation of the entrance exam by the mock IELTS exam with 4 skills helps students and teachers to grasp the strengths and weaknesses in each skill, thereby developing a suitable learning path for each individual. Which process takes 3 hours 45 minutes for all 4 skills

step 2

Interactive online learning through dynamic lectures and Expert IELTS program

Learning online through the LiveClass online classroom system (exclusively used by the school) the learning activities are no different from the online classroom. In addition, with the advantage of reviewing lessons and taking notes directly on dynamic lectures, students can approach language learning in accordance with international standards.

step 3

Doing Homework Through MyEnglishLab . System

Doing the exercises closely with the curriculum and the automatic learning test system, students and parents are fully active in grasping the learning path, results as well as their learning capacity. In addition, with the motto of ensuring the output, the MyEnglishLab system also helps us manage the quality of teaching and adjust the curriculum accordingly through the results of the exercises and the teaching capacity of the teachers are analyzed clearly after each lesson. lesson.

step 4

Periodic competency assessment tests & Adjust teaching accordingly

With on-going tests (i.e. competency tests) are located not only in the exercises but also at the end of each learning module (each level has 10 modules). This is a tool that helps us make sure "no student is left behind". These tests help teachers recalibrate instruction and reinforce relevant and measurable lessons for each student.

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2 Videos

Introduction to the IELTS Test

Introduction to the IELTS Test
Listening – Multiple Choice – Consumerism
90 mintues
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 1
1 question
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 2
1 question
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 3
3 questions
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 4
6 questions
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 5
1 question
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 6
5 questions
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 8
5 questions
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 9
1 question
Mindset1-Unit5-Listening-Exercise 10
5 questions
Mindset IELTS 2 – Unit 3 – Listening
Mindset 2 – Unit 4 Listening
Expert IELTS 6 – Module 2A – Reading YES/NO/NOT GIVEN
Mindset 2 – Unit 2 Speaking & Reading T/F/NG
Expert IELTS 6 – Module 2A – Vocabulary and Speaking

Mindset 2 - Unit 5

Mindset 2 – listening Unit 5

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Expert IELTS – Lớp Trải Nghiệm Và Bổ Trợ
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