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IELTS Learning Path By Course

Introduction to IELTS 4.0-4.5

The IELTS introductory course reinforces the foundation of basic English. With output equivalent to CEFR B1 / IELTS Band 4.0-4.5

Foundation IELTS band 5.0 - 5.5

Start building a foundation of academic English by getting familiar with the types of lessons. CEFR B2 / IELTS Band 5.0 - 5.5 . Output

Upper Intermediate IELTS  band 6.0-6.5

Tactics to solve 4 skills are focused, tips and techniques to conquer IELTS band 6.5+ are focused.

Advanced IELTS Band 6.5-7.0+

Practice advanced problem solving with strategies from experts who have achieved IELTS 8.5 directly. Output CEFR C1+/ Band 7.0+

Standard IELTS Expert Intensive

  • Standard interactive learning 4.0

  • Expert IELTS Study Program

  • commit ielts 6.5+

Learn With an Expert - Learn With an Expert

Whether learning in the classroom with an integrated electronic curriculum or learning online through the LiveClass online classroom system (exclusively used by the school), the learning activities are no different from classroom learning. In addition, with the advantage of reviewing lessons and taking notes directly on dynamic lectures, students can approach language learning in accordance with international standards.


High results in the IELTS exam are the result of quality training curriculum, expert lecturers and commitment to standard training.

Mr. Khang - AVM Founder

Why choose to study IELTS in Europe, Vietnam and America?

Professional teaching staff

All teachers are equivalent to IELTS 8.0+ with many years of teaching experience and inspiring interactive teaching style.

Intensive Course Syllabus

Modern curriculum closely follows the application of 4.0 technology to help learners optimize their ability to receive academic language. Textbooks compiled by famous English and American universities.

Commitment to Training Quality

Not only is the IELTS band guaranteed at the end of the learning curve. We are also committed to quality in each lesson and module with the motto "no student is left behind".

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IELTS Intensive Without Boring 

Try out the exciting online classes with an IELTS expert for free by registering with the form above. Or you can also watch a real lesson recorded here.

IELTS Course Admission Process

  • 1
    Online entrance exam
  • 2
    Interactive learning through dynamic lectures and Expert IELTS program
  • 3
    Doing Homework Through MyEnglishLab . System
  • 4
    Periodic capacity assessment tests to ensure output capacity.

Mr. : Linh Nguyen

Responsible for the IELTS training program, Mr. Linh with experience in this exam said: for students to achieve their goals with the score they want, it is not only the efforts of the learners but also the efforts of the students. Vivid visual training method combined with an in-depth curriculum to give learners an environment to interact with academic language both during and after school. That's how we help students achieve the score they promise.

Duration of Courses



Duration of Study



24 Weeks



24 Weeks

IELTS Introduction


24 Weeks



24 Weeks



24 Weeks



24 Weeks



24 Weeks

Typical Academic Articles

Balance 4 skills to optimize IELTS score

The article on how to practice 4 skills and the complementarity of these 4 skills to optimize IELTS score

Self-study IELTS should or not for newbies?

The mixed opinions about self-studying IELTS through this article, you will receive useful tips from this self-study Vietnamese.

Choosing an IELTS center in stormy times

To study IELTS need to choose a reputable center with sustainable commitments, have you had the experience to choose this center?

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