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English Firm To Confident

The program is specifically designed for teenagers aged 11-15 with the aim of creating an academic English environment to help students communicate fluently in English, practice discovery and study skills. actively and confidently follow the English program at the junior high school level and achieve the expected score in the International English exams organized by Cambridge.

Standard Program From University of Cambridge

Language Practice System 4.0

Gold results are always committed at Europe Vietnam America

A team of highly qualified, experienced teachers

Learn English Theo Cambridge Standard

Classroom Learning with Cambridge Interactive Curriculum

Diverse learning content from Cambridge copyrighted study materials. Interactive lectures are closely designed to provide basic knowledge and necessary skills such as critical thinking skills, English communication, teamwork...

Fully develop 4 skills with modern learning applications

Unlike other English programs, at Europe Vietnam America Children learn all 4 skills with high applicability of the training program from Cambridge. New language approach, helping young learners to form natural language reflexes.

Unleash your potential & get results

Homework and supplementary classes are designed with the aim of optimizing children's exposure to English. With 4.0 learning applications to help young students not only experience the course fully, but also Support for children's learning at High School

No students are left behind

With a golden commitment, every student will master the lesson, apply practical practice smoothly, Europe Vietnam America has applied advanced technologies in teaching to analyze the learning process of children in each lesson. This is to meet the urgent requirements in both the teaching and learning process in order to adjust and improve to suit each student.

Why Learn English for Teenagers at Europe Vietnam America

Cambridge standard programme, modern learning system, optimal cost and readiness for Cambridge international exams are our advantages.

young global citizen

The integrated English program trains children with a multi-world perspective. Students are given the opportunity to practice English through different perspectives that are cleverly integrated in the lessons.

modern classroom equipment

Phòng học và phòng nghe nhìn hiện đại, phần mềm học tập bám sát theo giáo trình giúp học viên vận dụng vốn Anh ngữ học được trên lớp vào những tình huống phù hợp với lứa tuổi hàng ngày, tăng sự tự tin nơi trẻ.

tuition fees and optimal route

With a commitment to competitive tuition rates, but not at the expense of training quality. Europe Vietnam America has always been known as a unit that helps students optimize tuition fees and deliver training quality as committed.

support high school education

With flexible support classes and programs, closely following the children's high school curriculum. Helping children not only perfect the 4 English skills and soft skills necessary for the academic environment, but also help them gain confidence in the English learning program at high school.

courses with foreign teachers

Local and foreign teachers with international qualifications are Europe Vietnam America we select and evaluate capacity periodically, Europe Vietnam America maintain the quality of this team with the assessment program in each lesson and the duration of study with native teachers as committed.

output commit & certificate

With a golden commitment that no practitioner is left behind, Europe Vietnam America proud to be a unit with a team of academic and professional teachers at prestigious schools at home and abroad, helping students achieve international certificates with outstanding scores.

Experience Program

  • empowering curriculum

  • interactive learning experience

Empower by Cambridge

Cambridge English Empower is an English course for young learners that combines course content from Cambridge University Press with validated assessments from experts at Cambridge Assessment English.

Empower's unique combination of engaging classroom materials and reliable English language measurement, with personalized online practices, allows learners to make consistent and relatable progress. measurable.

Typical Teacher

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Route Study


  • Includes 2 courses Pre 1 and Pre 2
  • Each class lasts 12 school weeks, which prepares children for completion of early childhood and the transition to youth program.

10 units

24 Weeks


  • Includes 2 courses Foundation 1 and Foundation 2
  • Each class lasts 12 weeks, this is an equivalent basic English foundation class CEFR A1

10 units

48 Tuần


  • Includes 2 courses Elementary 1 and Elementary 2
  • Each class lasts 12 weeks, this is an equivalent intermediate English building class CEFR A2

10 units

48 Tuần


  • Includes 2 courses Pre-In 1 and Pre-In 2
  • Each class lasts 12 weeks of study, this is an equivalent intermediate English building class CEFR B1

10 Units

48 Tuần


  • Includes 2 courses Intermediate 1 & Intermediate 2
  • Each class lasts 12 weeks of study, this is an equivalent intermediate English building class CEFR B2

10 Units

48 Tuần


Days of week
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Choose to study time frames after Lunch (14:30-16:00) or Evening (17:45-19:15) or (19:30-21:00)
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: Choose to study time frames after Lunch (14:30-16:00) or Evening (17:45-19:15) or (19:30-21:00)
  • Saturday & Sunday:  Choose to study the following time frames Morning (08:00-10:00), Morning (10:00-12:00) or Afternoon (15:30-17:30)

Standards for Studying at Europe Vietnam America

With the goal of bringing teaching quality to the forefront, reflected in the results achieved by students through each course. To achieve that, we follow the following training standards:

Effective learning in class

Để đem lại kết quả đào tạo như cam kết chúng tôi phải đảm bảo rằng thời lượng học trên lớp của học viên được tối ưu hóa tốt nhất qua những bài giảng tương tác, giáo viên có chuyên môn, nhiệt tình và hệ thống đánh giá chất lượng từng bài học được quản lý bởi phòng đào tạo.

assess capacity through each unit of study

The learning capacity of students and teachers' teaching is reflected in each lesson through electronic homework and periodic assessment sessions for each unit. This helps Au Viet My's training department to proactively intervene and timely support students in need of support and at the same time adjust the quality of teaching through the above measurement results.

 learning results as committed

Không như những khóa Anh ngữ được đào tạo theo kiểu cũ khác, phương pháp đào tạo lấy học viên làm trung tâm nơi giáo viên là người dẫn dắt và giáo trình là công cụ dẫn đường để học viên khai phá tiềm năng sủ dụng ngôn ngữ. Với ứng dụng 4.0 trong quản lý và đào tạo, chất lượng chương trình và giáo viên luôn được chúng tôi tu bổ để đảm bảo được kết quả như cam kết với học viên

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With a satisfaction guarantee, we have a free trial program within 3 lessons. In addition, with the commitment to complete Cambridge's KET and PET exams, students after completing the respective courses will be supported to review for these certification exams.

Academic achievement Of Students

Student Achievements

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